About Us

The Wombats Hockey Club is committed through its association with Hockey Albury Wodonga, to provide its senior and junior members with a competitive, yet social atmosphere to learn, participate, excel and enjoy hockey to its fullest

I would like to welcome you to the Wombat’s Burrow, the online home of the Wombats Hockey Club Inc . We are great club with teams in all grades ranging from Junior Under 12’s, 14’s & 16’s Girls and Boys up to Senior Division 1, 2 & 3 teams as well as a Veteran Women and Under 9’s team. We pride ourselves on being a family club, providing a friendly environment for letting our players enjoy themselves, develop their hockey skills, refine their fitness and foster great friendships.&

The Club’s CODE OF CONDUCT and the EXPECTATIONS STATEMENT also seek to encourage and promote the highest standard of behaviour and sportsmanship based around showing respect at all times to each other, players from other teams, coaches, managers, umpires, spectators, parents and others that support us to play on and off the field.

Training is held every Wednesday, with Juniors from 6pm – 7pm and Seniors 7pm – 8pm.

Our monthly meeting is held at the Beer Deluxe (Paddys) Crown Lounge, Kiewa St – 7:30pm the forth Thursday of each month.

Inquires are always more than welcome, so please feel free to browse and enjoy our website or you can contact us at [email protected]


Club History

The Wombats Hockey Club has its roots in the very beginnings of the Hockey Albury Wodonga Association. The Wombats Hockey Club is an amalgamation of the clubs were that were The Young Anglicans Hockey Club (founded 1953), Wombats Hockey Club (founded 1979) and Royals (“Bushrats”) Hockey club (founded 1990).


One of the inaugural clubs, the YA’s, were founded when the Rev. Frank Woodall through the Anglican Youth group decided to start a hockey team in the new men?s competition. Noel Waite and Jim Williams were playing football at Billson Park when they heard about it and decided to have a look. They enjoyed it so much that Jim eventually played over 500 games for YA’s and Noel, to this day, is still involved with the Wombats Hockey Club. YA’s enjoyed instant success winning the first 3 premierships, the first of which was played at the Albury Sports Ground, where they defeated 1/COD (Bandiana) 1-0. Interestingly Altona H.C. travelled from Melbourne to play a curtain raiser match against RAEME, a huge commitment in 1953.

The first competition in Albury saw 4 teams compete.  They were YA’s (who later amalgamated with Wombats), RAEME, 1/COD (Bandiana) and City

YA’s were successful in winning some 17 Division 1 premierships before merging and continue to enjoy this success with the Wombats winning a hat trick of Division 1 premierships during the 2000’s.

The original Wombats Hockey Club was formed in 1979 with one B Grade men?s team. This team was successful and took out a premiership in its first couple of years but it must be said that the focus was the social side of the club. (On the serious side however the club also gave team blood donations twice a season.) In 1984 another team was added to the club in C Grade mens. The home ground for the club was Bilson Park for one year, then Alexandra Park ground 7 (one of the current soccer grounds).

In 1990 the Association would only allow a club to form if it had two teams. The Royals Hockey Club was established at that time by Andrea Spittal and her family, with the club comprising a Division 4 Women and an U11 boys team. This club was based around Table Top and Gerogery but had a few Albury players as well (one of whom is still currently playing in Div 3 Women). Training was held at the back of the Gerogery Pub, or on the Table Top Tennis Courts under lights. The Club was successful from the start with the women’s team taking out the Div 4 final. In 1991 Royals went on to be incorporated, but could not use the name Royals (monarch issues), so the club changed its name to “Bushrats”.

In 1992 the Bushrats merged with Wombats Hockey Club. This meant that the club had both men’s and women’s sides to go forward with.

Today, the Wombats Hockey Club currently has 13 teams in the competition and is well represented in all facets of Hockey Albury Wodonga with players, coaches, managers and umpires at club, board and representative levels. Apart from having great coaches the club also offers all its members an opportunity to enjoy both the competitive side and social side of hockey.