Expectation Statement


These guidelines apply to all junior and senior members representing Wombats Hockey Club, including players, spectators and other officials, including coaches, managers.  It is up to the individual player, official, supporter and committee member to do their utmost to uphold Wombats good reputation:

Play hard, but fair – All players are expected to give their best at all times on the field for the enjoyment of themselves, their team-mates and the opposition. We strive to win fairly, as a benchmark of our success, in perfecting our own game, skills and character and this should never be at the expense of the enjoyment of the game for the opposition or the umpires.

Respect – At all times members must show respect for their team-mates, coach, captain, umpires and any opposition. All members have a responsibility to protect the game from unseemly incidents and the Committee will act on the assumption, that it takes two sides to create an argument, no matter the provocation.  Attitude is a choice.  There is always a choice about how we act and react to a situation. Actions of a player that constitute banging their stick on the ground or throwing the stick on returning to the dugout or audible foul language, are considered unacceptable and will be dealt with by the club.  You are responsible for your own actions.

Umpiring Decisions – The umpire’s decision is final and should be accepted immediately. While a player or their captain is entitled to politely ask the umpire why he/she made the decision, the player should accept the explanation if one is given, and also accept the umpires’ prerogative not to give a reason and immediately play on. The use of offensive language by any member – generally in the form of disparaging or abusive remarks to an umpire is not acceptable. The conduct of our members should be such that there can be no misunderstanding by an umpire and no excuses of that nature will be acceptable.

Placing pressure on the umpire can lead to unnecessary friction between teams. Wombats’ players, officials and spectators should maintain their integrity at all times even when they feel the other team does not do the same. We can only be responsible for our own actions.

Should the situation arise where an umpire cards a Wombats player that player should promptly leave the field without comment or conduct able to be interpreted as a criticism of the umpire or their decision. Whilst there will be occasions where Wombats may not agree with the umpires decision, it is the clubs policy that all players receiving red cards will be suspended by the club for a minimum of a week.

Social Functions: Throughout the season there will be several functions organised by the Committee. It is expected that members will make every effort to attend club functions and support our sponsor.  Wombats are to be mindful of the fact that they are representing their club and sponsor at all functions and games.

Communication and Use of Technology:  All Wombats members are expected to use the Internet and electronic communication appropriately, so think about what you write before you write it. Inappropriate communication or cyber bullying will not be tolerated.

Training Sessions: Junior and Senior training takes place on Wednesdays.  Players are expected to attend training on time and if possible assist with setting up/packing up of equipment. There is an expectation that players not available to train will inform the coach or manager by text message, phone call or sending a verbal message with someone else.  For seniors, team selections will take place after training and players should ensure that the Coach/Manager is informed of their availability for the game before selections take place.  If no contact has been made it will presumed that a player is not available. Preference in selections will be given to players, who show commitment to the Club and their team-mates by being available and/or participating in training or other functions of the Club.

Match Days: Players are to arrive at the ground ready to play (at least 15 minutes for juniors, and 30 minutes for seniors) before the commencement of play, or at a time instructed by their Coach or Manager.  Players are to ensure that payment of game fees are made to the Manager before they take the field to enable the book to be completed and the umpires to be paid.

It is HAW and Wombats policy that all junior players under 18 years of age wear safety equipment in the form of a mouth-guard and shin-pads whilst on the field.  Coaches will bench players that do not meet with this requirement.  This action is to assist in ensuring the safety of our players and to meet our insurance obligation.  The committee would appreciate the support of parents on this particular issue.  All senior players are encouraged to wear protective gear including mouth-guard, shin-pads and masks where appropriate for their personal safety, insurance purposes and to provide a positive role model to our junior players.